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2018 here we are!

So here we are, 2018.

Usually at this time of year I always feel a bit behind and panicky, I’m never usually ready for a “fresh start” and find it quite anxiety inducing. But for what ever reason* I have actually felt quite calm entering this new year. I’ve had a huge clear out and tidy of the flat, 4 big bags are waiting for the charity shop as I speak, the cupboards are organised and I have decided to start a simple Bullet Journal to keep me in line.

*The reason may be actually going on holiday next week, so i will probably have my annual freak out on my return!

Due to my “day job” I wasn’t able to spend as much time over here as I would have liked, I’ve been thinking a lot about this blog over the holidays and have had some thoughts on where I would like to take it;

  • One of those things is going to implementing some kind of pre-planning of posts – I know this is something most bloggers do already – When I just started out I didn’t think it would be necessary, however in hindsight I would have been able to stay more present here during my busy work periods if I had.
  • I also am going to try and be more present on social media, again pre-planning here! It’s not something that comes very easy to me, so I will be trying harder there.

Feel free to follow me on twitter Here and Instagram Here to watch me fail at that 😉

  • And finally I want to start posting more outfit photos, I mean, this is supposed to be a style blog, but again it’s something I REALLY struggle with, I just really don’t like posting photos of myself, but I will find a way that works for me and get over it 😉
  • I have plans for a bit of a re-jig so hopefully that will commence early Feb, watch this space!


So what else?

As promised I am continuing with my #ethicaladvent over on Instagram, so follow along there!



Basically I’ve just really enjoyed myself since starting this blog about 6 months ago, I’ve ‘met’, talked to and discovered SO MANY amazing people and brands doing such COOL things that are ethical and sustainable, so many in fact that it just blows my mind that these principles are not “the norm”.

Happy 2018 everyone! Cant wait to see what you all have planned <3


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