I’m Charlotte, I live in Bristol, UK and I work as a Costume Designer and assistant.

Since starting to become interested in fashion from the age of maybe 12/ 13 clothes have been a huge part of my life.

I started to become more in-tuned and interested in the ethical and sustainable side of the fashion and clothing industry after deciding to write my dissertation on the subject at University. After that I made a vow to myself to change my shopping habits and to be conscious of the people who make our clothes and the impact they have on the planet.

As my day job would imply I am still a huge fan of fashion, style, costume and clothes in general and would love to find ways to shop ethically and sustainably but without compromising on aesthetics, which is why this blog was born. Since starting it in 2017 my eyes were opened even more to how many brands, designers and companies there actually are doing amazing, beautiful and conscious things, it really made me realise how much more visibility is needed.


My Philosophy

  • Everybody cares on some level but making sustainable and ethical choices isn’t always easy, accessible or affordable.
  • If we can all make at least one more ‘mindful’ purchase or change in our habits then we can make a difference.
  • ‘thinking before buying’ – Do I need it? or Do I love it? and if the answer is NO to both then don’t buy it!

This is where this blog comes in – finding clothes and accessories that have an emphasis on STYLE and great aesthetics which also happen to be sustainable and/or ethical. Hopefully making it easier to make those choices as you won’t need to hunt too far.

If you would like to read my longer story then Please find that here, and this post explains my current shopping habits.

I have also decided to start an index of all the great companies I find to try and make it easier to find sustainable and ethical options, so if that interests you it can be found here.
(Please note though I will try to keep it UK based).

Thanks for reading and please feel free to get in touch, tip me off about something or someone I should know about, to discuss ideas or just to say hello!

Also I will mention now that I will fully disclose any gifted or sponsored content, and all views are my own.