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Antibad flew on to my radar last week after a colleague at work mentioned her friend had just set up a sustainable fashion store. I instantly inserted myself in to the conversation to get the details.

Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 17.39.26So Who are Antibad?

“We are a curated shop and journal bringing together the finest collection of sustainable, contemporary clothing and accessories.”

They also have a long list of commitments, which makes it very clear what ‘ethical’ and ‘sustainable’ means to them, which in this complicated world of ethical fashion is super helpful.

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They only opened their metaphorical doors in October so are a very new company but their website, styling and curation of items is slick, professional and fresh. The website is particularly gorgeous, very clean and minimal but user friendly.

For example each product item has a helpful guide at the bottom to inform about it’s ethical credentials in a clear and concise way. This is a great feature that helps clarify to consumers about what their buying.

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SO on to what they sell….

A carefully selected range of women’s clothing, accessories, shoes and hosiery from a small range of ethical and sustainable designers and also a little vintage in the mix. The over all style is very ‘cool’ but in a minimalistic way so you can easily style most of the items in many ways.

Take a look at their website and what they have to offer here.

antibad clothing

I have to say I can’t help but feel that there ‘curated’ on-line shops are such a joy for the ethical clothing industry, they really make it more about the experience of shopping from a small boutique, with the sentiment that everything is ‘concious’ not taking over, which I think will definitely help in converting more people over this way 😉


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