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    Ethical shops taking over the world!

    This spring/ summer seems to be an excellent season for lots of new ethical style shops opening! This makes me incredibly happy because as we all know, VISIBILITY is one thing I think that is truly holding this movement down. So having more brick and mortar shops is BRILLAINT. It will aid in helping people to make sustainable and ethical choices SO much more easily, and hopefully help convert some as well 😉 My Pop-up shop and market map at Christmas was quite a success so I have decided to do a permanent version for the UK. I will keep adding to it the more I discover so PLEASE do…

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    Weekend Thoughts : Catch up and confessions

    Happy Sunday! The sun is out and the birds are chirping and after this weeks snow storm it feel like a complete breath of fresh air. I had a feeling this would happen, that despite all my good intentions to keep this blog updated along side my day job, it hasn’t of course happened. But I won’t go on about that, or make more excuses, so I thought I would do a small catch up post with some things that have been happening, things i’ve been discovering and enjoying. Also I do try to post at least daily on Instagram so make sure to follow me there too! First up…

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    Sustainability in high end fashion shouldn’t just be another trend. With this recent surge of designers looking to create more sustainable lines within their collections it’s hard not to be slightly cynical that, as is the nature of fashion, it’s just a fad and once the David Attenborough documentary, has faded from consumers minds, so too will the efforts of designers to be more mindful. (To be fair though I am by nature a cynic; I am cynical about everything and regularly have to check myself to ensure I’m not over doing it and about to be abandoned by my friends.) Exploring the world of Christopher Raeburn One designer I…