Abolishing the myth that sustainable and ethical fashion is boring and neutral right off the bat.

Lowie might just be my new favourite store – they stock their own branded ethical collections along side other (mostly ethical) designers carefully picked to complement their fun and stylish aesthetic.

And as you know this is what I am all about – MAKING ETHICAL EASY and Lowie are doing that, so add them to your favourite list right now!



1. Cus Papaya Printed Dress – £115

This is the most expensive garment here but I thought the pattern was lovely, it’s very summery and neutral enough that it could be worn summer after summer even if this style of print has gone out of ‘trend’ (If you even care about that).

I’m a sucker for this shape too, especially when it’s in the high twenties temperature wise, it’s just really easy!

2. Dedicated Visby Tennis People T-shirt – £29.95 but currently on sale here (£14.98!)

Probably my favourite print on the whole site, I mean look at it. Little people playing tennis? Love it.

100% cotton and fair-trade

3. Bonne Maison Socks – £15

Who doesn’t love a patterned sock? Even if you’re the only one going to see them I find they bring such joy.

These aren’t the most ethical or sustainable socks on the market but they are made with high quality Egyptian cotton and the supply chain is traced.

4. Insane in the Rain Dream Coat – £85

So cool, I know a few people who would love this, and £85 isn’t that much more than a hughstreet or branded one (Top Shop have one at the moment for £55). The jackets are made from recycled RPET plastic, which is made from old bottles and single use plastic packaging.

The design is quite over sized and with a dropped sleeve means that they will fit all different body types and still look good, I really love the pastel pattern of this one but if you want something a little different then they have other styles available too.

Oh and one more for luck;

Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at 12.34.47.png

5. Des Petit Hauts Raya Jungle Bag – £39

Perfect for the beach, Or even just weekend groceries!


Have you any great ethical brands doing prints to recommend?

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