Sustainable gifts for under £20 – affordable luxury

Of course the most sustainable gift to give this Christmas is nothing but Love, however, it is still nice to give those you love something tangible sometimes.

I like to stick to the rule of finding gifts that are either;

a. The most perfect present for the recipient ever – you know, when you see something, useful or not, that you just know will bring someone pure joy.

or, If you can’t find that magical item then

b. Something useful but a superior/luxury quality version (e.g beautiful socks)

c. Something edible and delicious (e.g Organic wine, luxury chocolate)

d. Something of an experience (e.g Theatre/cinema tickets, a good book)

Anyway during my research, hunting out excellent ethical and sustainable shops, I’ve come across a lot of lovely items that would make wonderful gifts, so I decided to put together a few gift guides to share my finds. I will break them up in to different posts for different price groups as there is SO much out there!

£20 and under

1. Recycled Silver Ring – AHNE 

Delicate hand made silver and gold rings from AHNE using left over materials.

2. Gems Pouch – Amy Van Luijk

Who doesn’t need another pouch to keep themselves organised? I love these ones hand made and hand printed by Illustrator Amy. She also has a lovely range of prints for sale so have a peek at those while you’re over there.

3. Keep Cup – Trouva

I have a keep cup and I love it, the glass makes keeps the drinks tasting how they should, they look nice and pretty sophisticated and there are so many colour options you should find one to suit anyone.

4. Luxury Socks  – Genevieve Sweeney

I think it’s pretty clear I am a huge fan of Genevieve, but her socks just make the best ‘luxury’ everyday object present, she has a huge range of colours to choose from and if you want to make them that little bit more special why not get the receivers initials added.

5. Nudist bag tag – Ark design

Art colour design make the most fun leather accessories, i love this bag tag which comes in different combinations (man/woman, man/man, woman/woman), it’s just a little bit of fun to brighten up your bag or keys.

6. Sustainable and vegan candles – Secrets of green

People either love to hate candles, so if your friend or family member is a lover of them then they will love these ones, lots of interesting (in a good way) scents to choose from. They are also hand poured in to old glass bottles, so even more sustainability points there.

7. Nikki Strange Notebook – Ethical Marketplace 

Everybody has a use for a note book at some point in their life. Nikki Strange is an awesome illustrator who has a range of notebooks available in many different designs, a super pretty take on a useful item.

8. Hand thrown mug – Lesley McShea

Lesley is my old ceramics teacher and I love her designs, having a new mug to use is a great way to brighten up your first day back at work after the holidays.

9. Headphones – House of Marley

I’ve been using my HOM headphones for a few months now and I love them and think they would make a great gift, they have lots of different styles and colours and can be found in high street shops.

10. Elly Curshen – Let’s Eat –

And finally fellow Bristolian Elly Curshens new recipe book, Let’s eat. Elly is a huge advocate for anti-food waste and her book is full of ideas to get the most out of every meal. Also be sure to use Hive or your local book shop to purchase, hive are great as their prices match Amazon but a small percentage goes to a bricks and mortar indie book shop of your choice. win-win!

So there we go, my first gift guide! The next one to arrive will be for the next price band of £20-50 I think and then maybe another one of around the £100 + price mark, for those of you who want to splash out 😉

Let me know what you think and what you usually give at Christmas!


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