Sunday Confessions

One of my favourite podcasts is ‘The Guilty Feminist’, it’s hilarious and I urge you to go and listen now – not to go too far off on a tangent but the stories and anecdotes they tell have really helped me to process why some things irritate and annoy me and to then articulacy explain why.

Anyway they start each episode with a confession of something they have done or thought that is non-feminist. I really love the concept as it instantly takes the pressure off a rather serious topic, and a topic which there is a lot of confusion around. so I thought it might be a cool thing that translates to this blog for the same reason. The ethical and sustainable fashion and clothing world is a highly complex one that confuses a lot of people, makes everyone feel judged and therefor puts a lot of people off finding out more.


  1. I’m an ethical fashion blogger but I buy my jeans from COS as they are the only ones I’ve found so far that fit me well.
  2. I’m an ethical blogger but I regularly buy bottled water because i forget my refillable bottle.
  3. I’m an ethical fashion blogger and just wrote a post about ethical underwear but last week I bought new underwear from M&S because it was heavily discounted.

These might be quite tame ones to begin as I get used to becoming more ‘confessional’ haha but I hope this can open up the conversation to more people as show that it’s ok if you slip, buy un-ethically, aren’t doing everything all the time because no-one is, we are all just doing the best we can.

So I open the floor up to you, any ethical confessions?

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