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    Weekend Thoughts : Catch up and confessions

    Happy Sunday! The sun is out and the birds are chirping and after this weeks snow storm it feel like a complete breath of fresh air. I had a feeling this would happen, that despite all my good intentions to keep this blog updated along side my day job, it hasn’t of course happened. But I won’t go on about that, or make more excuses, so I thought I would do a small catch up post with some things that have been happening, things i’ve been discovering and enjoying. Also I do try to post at least daily on Instagram so make sure to follow me there too! First up…

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    Sunday Confessions

    One of my favourite podcasts is ‘The Guilty Feminist’, it’s hilarious and I urge you to go and listen now – not to go too far off on a tangent but the stories and anecdotes they tellĀ have really helped me to process why some things irritate and annoy me and to then articulacy explain why. Anyway they start each episode with a confession of something they have done or thought that is non-feminist. I really love the concept as it instantly takes the pressure off a rather serious topic, and a topic which there is a lot of confusion around. so I thought it might be a cool thing that…