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    Sustainability in high end fashion shouldn’t just be another trend. With this recent surge of designers looking to create more sustainable lines within their collections it’s hard not to be slightly cynical that, as is the nature of fashion, it’s just a fad and once the David Attenborough documentary, has faded from consumers minds, so too will the efforts of designers to be more mindful. (To be fair though I am by nature a cynic; I am cynical about everything and regularly have to check myself to ensure I’m not over doing it and about to be abandoned by my friends.) Exploring the world of Christopher Raeburn One designer I…

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    DAGNY London

    Sustainable Luxury My ‘collections’ and book mark tabs on my browser and instagram are becoming laden with brands and companies I want to shout about. I know I say this a lot, but it seriously blows my mind how many people are out there making beautiful, gorgeous and interesting but conscious clothing. So I have to start somewhere and today is DAGNY day. The first thing that really drew me in was the selected colour palette and the beautiful prints. There is definitely a vintage vibe happening but it’s also very fresh and modern, and also pretty classic. The kind of clothes you buy because you absolutely love and will…

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    Asos & Amazon Alternatives

    Even as someone who tries to shop as ethically as possible, sometimes I can’t resist a good old scroll through Asos and I have also pretty much cut out using Amazon completely, but sometimes I just like to browse. According to retail-weekly.com the top 15 on-line retailers in 2016 were; Amazon, Argos, Apple, Tesco, Netflix, Asda, M&S, EE, Boots, John Lewis, The trainline, Asos, Next, B&Q and O2. Looking at this list, It’s safe to say that we like our ‘department’ style stores. Photo by Alex Knight on Unsplash There is something wonderfully lazy about an on-line department store, it feels like a lot less effort than having to search…