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The joy of vintage jewellery

As a teenager I became obsessed with costume jewellery and since then I have collected it, in particular vintage and second hand pieces.

Nothing fancy, just fun! I would buy huge chunky brightly coloured pieces, make my own out of plastic animals and bits of barbie (it was the emotional years), and also rummage through thrift stores and vintage shops to find interesting unique pieces no one else would have.

A lot of that collection has been whittled down over the years and I like to think I have a more refined collection now, No faux Chanel earrings in site 😉


Above: 1970’s ball necklace, moon and stars clip on earrings, mother of pearl beaded necklace and a western themed tin brooch ( A birthday present from a friend who knows me well!)

It’s stuck with me, and whenever I travel to a new country I try to find a piece as a souvenir, I have buddha charms from Thailand, chunky silver rings from Paris and dangly motif earrings from Canada. Here is the kicker though, I don’t actually wear any of it, maybe for a special occasion I will, but on a day to day basis the only item I wear is a single vintage ring, I picked up at a vintage market in Dalston for £2.

I don’t know why I don’t like to wear it, I think usually I just forget, also with my day job a lot of my time is spent needing to be dressed practical with nothing jingling around so it’s probably just become a habit.

Over the years I’ve collected quite a bit, I have also received some of my favourite pieces as gifts.


Above: Silver camel from Egypt, Buddha from Thailand and Bracelet from India (A birth present from my parents).


A few years ago also my mother bought me my dream antique jewellery box to keep (some) of my collection in, It has definitely seen much better days but I love the wear and tear, it definitely has a few stories to tell.

vintage antique jewellery box 2

When I was 12 I was finally allowed my ears pierced, it was a huge deal, when I was 20 I stopped wearing earrings all together and now my holes have completely closed up. Recently I have been feeling the need to buy and wear earrings again so I have bought some converters which make any earrings in to clip on ones. These moon and star ones were found on eBay and I am obsessed with them, I have only worn them once but I think come winter they will make more of an appearance.


Maybe because I’m not the most experimental person with my clothing choices, that jewellery is the way I am able to buy those crazy and outlandish pieces? Who knows! I guess the only thing now is for me to actually wear it!

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