Tried and Tested : Affordable high street beauty

It’s been a while since I have done a ‘beauty’ post. When I buy new items I like to try them out for a few weeks before posting about them. Also I am a very small blogger so everything I buy is bought with my own money (so I don’t have the luxury to make to many mistakes ūüėČ ) Recently I’ve been trying to find items that are readily available on the high street, to continue with my #easyethical theme.


Product: Faith in Nature Shampoo – Seaweed & Citrus
Price: £5.50
Highstreet store: Holland and Barrett
My hair type: Normal/oily
Credentials: Cruelty free, vegan, made in England, free from parabens and SLS
Verdict: Would buy again


When my last shampoo ran out I had planned on trying a shampoo bar, however in true Charlotte lazy style, when I did finish my last shampoo I found myself using sample sachets and hotel minitures, oops! I just hadn’t planned ahead or done any research in to which shampoo bar would be best for me, or even where to get one – ( I know Lush do them but can any one recommend anywhere else?)

So when we went to do some food shopping the other day I quickly ran in to Holland and Barrett (literally ran, the car parking was about to expire) and panic picked this Faith in Nature shampoo.

In the past my hair has struggled with paraben free shampoos, I found they made my hair feel greasy, coated and never clean, so I was a bit worried about trying this one – I figured though that it was only ¬£5.50 (opposed to a Khiels ¬£20 which was a huge past mistake) so it wouldn’t be the end of the world if it didn’t work, and at least I had something to use that evening.

ANYWAY on to the review! I REALLY like it. The consistency it quite runny and easily pours out of the bottle, no squeezing necessary so I would watch out for that. However, although I don’t have the longest hair, it is quite thick but not a large amount of this is needed to work up a good lather.

The soap suds don’t stay foamy for too long so it’s quite a ‘quick’ wash, and it has that feeling of making my hair feel squeaky clean. After drying (I’m still using the Organic Surge conditioner) ¬†i actually have shiny hair (I’m not usually one to have shiny shiny hair!), still a small amount of frizz if I don’t put an oil on it (nothing new there) but generally I’m really happy with how the shampoo works.



Product: E&A Pure Beauty, Dead sea mud facial soap
Price: £3.99 (? I think!)
Highstreet store: TK MAXX
My Skin Type: T-zone, prone to breakouts
Credentials: Handmade, all natural ingredients
Verdict: Would buy again


I think TK Maxx might be one of my favourite high street stores to browse, I could spend hours in there. I rarely buy clothes there as I think their pretty decietful when it comes to brands V own bands (there are lots of documentaries about it, like this one), but it doesn’t stop me browsing the beauty and homeware sections.

Of course it is hit or miss what they have in stock, but in the past I’ve found lots of ethical and natural beauty brands stocked there that you can’t get in other high street chemists (cough Boots cough). For example a few months ago I stocked up on Organic Surge¬†products.

The last time I had a browse, I picked up this dead sea mud soap and decided to give it a try. I like to use bars of soap in the shower so thought it might be worth having another one just for my face. My skin is like a teenagers, I am almost 30 yet still get annoying and sometimes horrible breakouts, i am pretty sure it’s mostly connected to my hormones, (but that is a while other story).

Again I really do like this soap, it has a fresh zingy scent which I love, it lathers nicely but not too much so not a huge amount is needed for one wash, these photos are after I’ve been using it for about a month so you can see there is still a lot there.

Once the soap is washed off my skin is left feeling really clean, it does seem to dry it out a tiny bit more than my other face wash but not nearly as much as a ‘body’ soap would. Again it’s hard to determine how much it has helped my breakouts but it does help after a few days of use, so It’s not an instant miracle cure but that’s fine.

I don’t know much about this company, they are Greek but have a fair amount of info on their website, and apparently this company use a cold technique to make their soaps, which isn’t the norm;

“We create our soap,¬†without boiling the natural oils, or separating their glycerin. During the cold process method, exactly because no heating is used,¬†the glycerine which is produced during the saponification procedure, is retained¬†within the soap.

Saponification is not achieved rapidly by utilising excessive heating, but it carries on for hours and hours inside the moulded soap. It is a slow procedure which requires a lot more time than the “hot process” method and this is the main reason it is not being used by industries where enormous amounts of production are required.

The cold method process is applied only to handmade soaps and requires a love for this art. Our soap, consequently is¬†rich in glycerine,¬†pertains all the natural properties of raw unprocessed olive oil,¬†is¬†environment friendly¬†andbiodegradable. ” – A&E


And Lastly – This might be quite a controversial item to post as I am not 100% on it’s ethical status. From looking at the Boots website they have a lot of information available about their ethical and sustainable standpoint (See here). My reasoning behind purchasing this product are; I wanted an non-toxic, organic moisturiser but didn’t want to pay more than ¬£10. (I had testers of a REN one which I loved but it is ¬£25 which I just can’t really afford at the moment). So I wanted to see what I could get on a budget, on the high street.

Product: Botanics Hydrating Day Cream 81% Organic
Price: £9.99 Рcurrently reduced to £6.66
Highstreet store: Boots
My Skin Type: T-zone, prone to breakouts
Credentials: 81% organic ingredients, ethical and sustainable supply chain, made in uk
Verdict: Would buy again


The cream itself is quite thick so only a small amount is needed to get a good coverage. I also currently use the night cream which I also really like. The cream has quite a strong smell, i personally like it, but if you are sensitive to any thing strongly perfumed (even if it’s natural) I would probably avoid. It’s pretty fast absorbing, and for me, with normal – oily skin I don’t feel overly greasy.

Basically it seems like quite a good organic high street option without breaking the bank.


And to end on a quick update;

The last time I did a post, it was this one on a couple of Neal’s Yard Remedies¬†items (See post here)¬†and just wanted to give an update on my thoughts about the Peppermint and Lime deodorant¬†. During the summer I quite liked it, the scent was really nice and fresh and although it didn’t keep me completely stink free it definitely ‘contained’ any body odour so at least other people couldn’t smell me. However as the weather got colder I noticed that it wasn’t working in that way any more, I think it might be because I was wearing more layers and having cloth closer to my armpits but it just didn’t like it at all and I feel like it completely stopped working. So I will try again in the summer maybe but for the winter I think I’ll try and find an alternative.


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