This weekends thoughts or musings are about VALUE.

How do we determine the value of an item of clothing? And what makes something GOOD value?

By how much it costs? By the quality? By the quantity?


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I like to think it’s a combination of the first two.

It’s important to think about the item as a whole and to not just take it on face value. False economy is an annoying trick that makes you think you are buying something of value because it’s cheap but the quantity may be high, like a £2 Primark T-shirt or washing up liquid. But if that T-shirt doesn’t last more than 2 washes before looking awful and becoming unwearable or running out after a week, then surely that’s not good value.


Money plays a big part in how we perceive the value of things. Some brands add extra noughts to the price tag simply because some consumers want to be seen buying something of ‘expense’, which is fine if thats what you want to do, however it doesn’t necessary mean it’s superior in quality.



As an example there are 2 T-shirts.

They both cost £30, they each have a small logo on but are from different brands.

Do they appear to be good value?

The first one is from a well known high end designer brand, it was made in China in a factory that is known to have questionable ethical practices, it is made from a cotton that is a high grade but not organic and the logo print has been made using inks that are toxic to the environment.

The second one is made from organic high-grade cotton, was sewn in a regulated factory in Portugal and the logo printed with non-toxic ink. The T-shirt is sold by a local independent.

Which one would you perceive as better value? The price stays the same but the origins are different.

I feel I may be going around in circles a bit here so please let me know if you have thoughts on this?

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