Weekend Thoughts : Beauty V Fashion

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A couple of weeks ago I set myself a little task. To go to my local high street to see what ethical or sustainable fashion and beauty items are easily available. I will be doing a separate post on that fully, but today I just have a few musings about something I noticed, and would like to hear your thoughts also;

After my first stop in a well known department store I started to feel quite positive about my trip because in the beauty hall, as I looked around, I spotted around 3 natural, organic, ethical beauty brands. Great!

But then it hit me, Of course there are more of these options for beauty products because these are products that we put straight on to ourselves and so ultimately affect us directly. There are less options on the high street for clothing and accessories because these are items (apart from a few exceptions) whose origins don’t affect us immediately.

Of course it also has a lot to do with demand, there have been a few articles recently about fashion brands starting to do an ‘ethical’ line or using sustainable materials in new collections, and this is great, but it’s not because the brand has suddenly developed a ‘conscious’, it is because there is demand for it. Fashion Revolution talk about this a lot, to get more options on the high street and to push companies to be more mindful will only happen if we, the consumer, make our demands known.

But from what i’ve seen, the demand for ethical and organic beauty is much more than fashion the moment – would you agree? Would love to hear other thoughts on this!?

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