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Weekend Thoughts : Catch up and confessions

Happy Sunday! The sun is out and the birds are chirping and after this weeks snow storm it feel like a complete breath of fresh air.

I had a feeling this would happen, that despite all my good intentions to keep this blog updated along side my day job, it hasn’t of course happened.

But I won’t go on about that, or make more excuses, so I thought I would do a small catch up post with some things that have been happening, things i’ve been discovering and enjoying. Also I do try to post at least daily on Instagram so make sure to follow me there too!

Studio CIY instagram sustainable style catch up post

First up let’s do a small confessional, find my last one here if you’re curious.

So, I’m an ethical and sustainable blogger but…

  • I bought cheap socks from ASOS because I had a voucher instead of putting it towards something from a better brand or donating it to work (costume buyer)
  • I bought vegetables wrapped in unnecessary plastic because I was feeling too lazy to go to a different shop (this one I’m actually pretty ashamed off as there was another option across the road)
  • I bought coffee from a Starbucks instead of making my own at home (though I did manage to use my re-usable cup at least!)


I haven’t been to bad this month as I’ve been rather skint so have had to become more of a minimalist out of necessity rather than desire, It’s a good way to make new habits though, like making my own lunches, having coffee at work and not being tempted to buy anything unnecessary. Hopefully I can continue when my bank account is looking more flush!


studio ciy british sustainable and ethical style blog catch up post



  • This article by The Lingerie Addict on why pricing is a feminist issue
  • I’m always repairing my clothes but know it’s not something everyone knows how to do, so I loved this blog post by Elly on a technique you can learn.
  • And of course this article was another good reminder to try even harder to just consume less single use plastic.
  • And I am trying to up my book reading game this year, I’m doing pretty well, 9 so far. I have almost finished ‘The Penelopiad’ by Margaret Atwood and it is beautiful, a pretty quick read but would recommend!





So that’s what has been keeping me occupied between work, let me know if you have any recommendations to share!

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