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Weekend Thoughts : Default Slavery

I’m an ethical blogger but at the weekend I caved and bought a earrings from a high street shop because I was tired, wanted something nice and couldn’t be bothered to go to the charity shops.

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So a few weeks ago I wrote a post where I laid out all the outfits I wanted to wear to various upcoming weddings, (you can read it here). However when it came to two of the most recent weddings I realised that actually the Vivienne Westwood dress is more than a little snug on me now and is definitely not appropriate for a casual country wedding. Luckily I had the pink dress on hand for one of them but as both the wedding were only days apart I didn’t want to wear the same thing.

Fortunately and at the last minute (the shops were closing) I found a solution in a charity shop – I’ll share this in another post as I promise this post is leading somewhere, but I then decided that I needed some really big bold earrings to pull the look together. This saw me running around town a few hours before the wedding trying to find something suitable.

For the first time in a while i was in and out of high street shops, i looked at all the pretty clothes and thought, “I could have these, I could have all of these.” My thoughts then transformed to “It’s not fair! Why can’t I have nice things too”. and then it hit me over and over, each time I passed a shop just how UTTERLY STUPID it is that this is the way things are! Why are we the “unusual” ones for caring who made our clothes!? Why isn’t it default practice that the people making the products we buy are treated fairly and aren’t modern day slaves.

It’s not fair that as consumers we are put in this position. slavery shouldn’t be the default way of production.

Anyway I found some earrings in Mango, of course at the end of the evening when they broke, I felt a confused mix again of anger and also relief, I returned them the next day.

As usual would love to hear your thought?


(The above mentioned earrings)


  • Savanna

    I totally understand that feeling. It can be frustrating when you can’t go into a normal store and just shop like everyone else. It’s also sad and weird that sweat shop labor is the norm. Don’t beat yourself up over earrings! We’re all just trying to do our best here and I appreciate the transparency 🙂

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