Weekend thoughts : Inclusivity in the Sustainable / ethical fashion world.

Since starting this project just over a month ago my eyes have been opened to an overwhelming amount of brands, bloggers, designers, journalists, websites, the lot! All related to sustainability and ethics within the clothing industry.

A couple of questions have come out of it though which I would like to look in to more, one of them being inclusivity.

Due to the nature of the slow fashion movement, materials and labour naturally costs more. So of course the end product costs more than. Lots of us can champion the idea of saving up and buying as an investment, rejecting false economy purchases and supporting local businesses, but what happens if you aren’t fortunate to have much, if any disposable income? What options are available if you don’t have money to invest? Hand made, second hand? I guess these are the immediate options.

Another thing I have noticed is size inclusivity, most of the brands I have come across so far only appear to go up to a size 16 or 18. Again I know this is a wide spread problem even in the fast fashion world, but again what options are there if you are larger than a 14? 

The one positive thing I have noticed though is that the ethical and sustainable brands seem to be a whole lot more diverse than main stream fashion, all the way from the top of the company to the bottom. 

These are just a few initial musings and questions that have been bought to mind recently and would I love to hear if you have any one elses opinions on these matters. 

Serendipitously I just listened to this episode of the Guilty Feminist which I would recommend, they also discuss a few of the questions I have above and more!


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