Weekend Thoughts : is there a solution?

So I read a lot about all these great brands and designers making and selling ethical and sustainable products and that is great, but on the wider scale of things what is the solution to fast fashion and the high street?

Obviously it’s a very complicated subject, and I really don’t know much about economics and I don’t want to pretend I do, but is there a solution out there to make things better or is it just a case of little by little?

I find it difficult to articulate myself sometimes so I am just going write down my thoughts in bullet points, and hope that does the job.

  • Is the solution to boycott shops that use sweatshops ? If that were to happen what would happen to the millions of people who rely on the factory to earn a living?
  • Is it the case then to force factory owners to pay a higher living wage and improve conditions ? Probably yes -this seems like the most logical win/win solution
  • However that would only work if ALL the factories did that otherwise there is no incentive, prices would have to rise and companies looking for factories would look else wear to a competitive price.
  • Maybe we should stop shopping so much? Would that improve situations if factories weren’t under so much pressure for huge orders? Again probably not as the work load would decrease which would mean less people would have a job.

It is so frustrating. After thinking about it for so long the only answer I can come up with is to have a universal movement and improve conditions and regulate across the board – but thats never gong to happen because it’s what is supposed to be in place already.

Hmm another ramble! Anyone else have any ideas or thoughts on this? I think Fashion Revolution seem to be on top of this!

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